I was born and raised in Tampa, Florida by a singer and a bass player, so I’ve been around music my whole life. I began playing guitar when I was ten years old and it quickly became the only activity I was interested in.

Over the next few years I began to write music and longed for a way to capture it, so my dad bought me my first 8 track recorder and I used it every day for years until I graduated into recording software in my early teens.

From then on I began writing and recording every single day and found many opportunities along the way. I have been an in house audio engineer and mentor for the Grammy Museum’s Music Revolution Project, a writer, producer, instrumentalist, and engineer for DBMK, an engineer at a professional recording studio, as well as a freelance composer, producer, and engineer for film makers, youtube personalities, podcasters, musicians and many more.

As of now I create original music and sound for all types of projects from films and commercials to producing, writing, and engineering albums with other artists and as a solo musician.