With over a decade of experience playing and writing music of all genres I can write, record, mix and master any type of music you need for your film, commercial, explainer video, promo video, podcast, or anything else you may need. My compositions have been licensed around the world through companies such as Shutterstock and Premium Beat, etc. I studied classical theory and composition as well as put it into practice to write orchestral, jazz, rock, EDM, Hip Hop, and more.

Mixing / Mastering

I started on an eight track recorder many years ago and fell in love with the process of bringing recordings to life. I have worked as a mentor / in house audio engineer for the Grammy Museum/AEG, as well as a freelance engineer in professional recording studios. I mix and master out of my own studio where I work with high end analogue and digital equipment from Universal Audio, SSL, Focusrite, Eventide, API, Waves, Native Instruments, and more to transform your song into a radio ready product you, your customers, and your fans will love.

Sound Design

I have spent a decade learning the ins and outs of synthesizers and audio manipulation to bring any sound I hear in my head to life whether its an alien atmosphere, the roar of a creature that doesn’t exist, or a familiar sound my customers want recreated.

Studio Musicianship / Midi Programing

If you need a defining guitar line or a thumping bass, I can provide any style and sound you’d like. I have been playing both for twelve years and have lent my abilities to jazz ensembles, metal outfits, indie rock bands, and more.

I can also write, arrange, and program parts for sting ensembles, piano/keys, drums, and just about anything else which I can process through state of the art sound modules and software from East West Quantum Leap, Native Instruments, Ensoniq, Akai, Roland, Steven Slate, and more. I can provide midi tracks as well as both processed and unprocessed audio.